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Toxic Waste Slime Licker

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The latest craze on TikTok is Toxic Waste Slime Lickers. A slime licker is a sour candy that is perfect for creating your own sweet TikTok videos! But can you handle the sourness as you film the fun? Show off your TikTok for the Slime Licker Super Sour Candy Challenge with these impossible-to-get Toxic Waste Slime Lickers! Available in Strawberry and Blue Razz. These captivating candies are one of the most viral TikTok challenges around.

This sour rolling liquid candy is great for all ages. A few rolls and your tongue will be colored blue or red, creating a real wake-up call for your taste buds. Try both colors and tastes to make a game out of it, which is sure to get you even more likes and shares on social media!

Two ounces of delicious, super sour, lickable sour candy that turns your tongue a different color.

ORIGINAL TOXIC WASTE CANDY-It is sold out everywhere!!! Make sure you tag us in your TikTok Video @SnackHutTreats


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