Reggie Bar

The Reggie! Bar

The Reggie Bar is a candy bar that was launched in 1978 as a tribute to the legendary baseball player, Reggie Jackson. This candy bar was an instant hit among fans and candy lovers alike and became a part of American pop culture.

The Reggie Bar was created by the Curtiss Candy Company, which was famous for its Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bars. The company decided to create a candy bar that would celebrate Reggie Jackson's success in baseball and his World Series performance in 1977.

The Reggie Bar was a chocolate-covered peanut bar, with a nougat filling and a caramel center. The wrapper of the candy bar had Reggie Jackson's signature on it, which made it even more special for his fans. The Reggie Bar was marketed as a "home run" candy bar and was endorsed by Reggie Jackson himself.

The launch of the Reggie Bar was a massive success, and it quickly became a fan favorite. The candy bar was so popular that it sold out in many stores within hours of its release. The Reggie Bar was not only loved by baseball fans but also by candy enthusiasts who appreciated its unique flavor and texture.

The popularity of the Reggie Bar continued to grow, and it became a collector's item for many people. The candy bar was even mentioned in a 1980 episode of the hit TV show "The Jeffersons."

However, the popularity of the Reggie Bar was short-lived. The Curtiss Candy Company was sold to Nabisco in 1981, and the new owners discontinued the production of the Reggie Bar. This decision was met with disappointment by many fans who had grown to love the candy bar.

In 2012, Reggie Jackson announced that he had partnered with a candy company to revive the Reggie Bar. The new version of the candy bar was slightly different from the original, with a dark chocolate coating instead of milk chocolate. The Reggie Bar was once again available to candy lovers and baseball fans, much to their delight.

In conclusion, the Reggie Bar is a candy bar that has left an indelible mark on American pop culture. It was a tribute to a legendary baseball player and a delicious treat that was loved by many. Although it was discontinued for a while, it has been revived, and its legacy lives on.
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