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Family Owned & Operated

For years we have had a tradition of planning "Junk Food Nights" with our four children. We all know how hard it can be to get all of the kids together for family time. Our "Junk Food Nights" were always considered a special occasion and we even made them a Christmas tradition by combining our "Junk Food Night" with "Christmas Movie Night".

As all parents know eventually the kids grow up and move out and start lives of their own, however our family still holds the occasional "Junk Food Night" to get all of the kids and grand kids together. It was this love of family fellowship time that aided in our decision to start "Snack Hut".

The joy we experience when getting the family together and sharing a movie and some AMAZING snacks is unmatched. With that sentiment in mind we began seeking out fun ways to create the ultimate snack experience. Our mystery boxes, themed boxes & special treats are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. What better way to mark a special occasion than to give the gift of love along with some tasty treats?!

Perfect for gift giving, great for the college student that is away, and always an enjoyable experience. Start making memories today by sharing an amazing box of treats with someone special!