'Tis the Season for International Sweets: Exploring The Snack Hut's Festive New Candy Selection

'Tis the Season for International Sweets: Exploring The Snack Hut's Festive New Candy Selection

The holiday season is prime time for candy. According to [insert statistic], imported candies are more popular than ever during the holidays. At The Snack Hut, we strive to provide our customers with the most exciting and delicious imported candy options to make your holidays sweeter.

The Snack Hut is your one-stop shop for the most exotic and hard-to-find sweets from around the world. We specialize in sourcing candy, chocolate, and snacks directly from artisan candy makers across Europe and beyond.

This holiday season, we're excited to welcome several new gourmet imported candy products to our online shelves. In this post, we'll provide a tasty preview of our latest holiday arrivals from Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The holidays are a time for exploration and discovery, and we can't wait for you to savor and enjoy these new sweets in the weeks and months ahead!

## New Candy from Germany

Germany is known for its delicious confections, and we're excited to offer some tasty new imports. Our latest shipment includes some of the most popular German candy brands and flavors.

One standout is the Haribo gummy candies, which have been a favorite in Germany for nearly 100 years. Haribo got its start in Bonn, Germany in 1920. The name is an acronym from the founder's name, Hans Riegel, and his home town of Bonn. Some of the iconic Haribo gummies we now offer include the Goldbears, Happy Cherries, and Twin Snakes. These fun shaped gummies have a delightfully chewy texture and are flavored with pear, raspberry, orange, lemon and other fruit flavors.

We also have an assortment of classic German chocolate bars. Try the Milka bars which blend smooth Swiss milk chocolate with everything from Oreo cookies to strawberry cream. There's also the Ritter Sport chocolate squares available in unique flavors like marzipan and cornflakes. And we can't forget the Kinder chocolate bars and Kinder Happy Hippos! These creamy hazelnut chocolate treats have been childhood favorites in Germany for years.

With these new German treats and more now available, you can get a taste of authentic German confections without leaving home! Come check out our new imports and find your new favorite candy today.

## New Candy from France

France is renowned for its delicious pâtisseries, pastries, and confections. This holiday season, we're excited to offer some iconic French candies that are sure to delight your taste buds.

The Mars Chocolat Collection includes some of the most indulgent chocolate bars found in France. There's the rich and velvety Éclair au Chocolat, which features a milk chocolate shell enclosing a creamy milk chocolate filling, just like the classic French cake. For dark chocolate lovers, the Noir Profond (Deep Dark) bar provides 86% cacao for a deeply intense, bittersweet experience. Finally, the crunchy Croustilles bar has a crispy wafer layered with smooth hazelnut cream and covered in milk chocolate.

Carambar are chewy, taffy-like fruit candies that have been popular in France since the 1950s. They are available in classic flavors like strawberry, lemon, orange, apple, and banana. With their stretchy but firm texture and concentrated fruity flavors, Carambars are a fun and satisfying treat.

Mentos Pure Fresh chewing gum hails from France and comes in crisp, refreshing mint and fruit flavors. Each piece is wrapped in wax paper to help retain freshness. The gum has an enjoyable chewy texture.

With these and other imports now available, you can experience some of the sweet flavors that delight candy lovers in France! Let these high-quality confections transport your taste buds on a French getaway this season.

## New Candy from Italy

Italy is known for its delicious gelato, espresso, and now - its unique holiday candies. This season, we have imported some special treats that originate from different regions across Italy.

The tartufi candies are a decadent combination of chocolate, nuts, and liqueurs. These truffle-shaped candies often contain hazelnuts or almonds on the inside with a chocolate shell. Traditional Italian tartufi get their kick from brandy or sambuca, but our shop offers kid-friendly versions too. These rich, melt-in-your-mouth candies are a popular gift and dessert across Italy.

Amaretti cookies are another Italian classic. These small rounds are made with sugar, egg whites, and almond flour, creating a texture that's crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Their natural almond flavor makes them the perfect accompaniment to coffee or dessert wines. While versions with liqueurs exist, our amaretti are kid-friendly with just a hint of almond extract.

Italians also love their hard candies, which we've imported in flavors like tangerine, lemon, and strawberry. These fruity candies deliver an intense hit of flavor in a portable, candy-jar friendly form. They continue to be a nostalgic treat for Italians young and old.

Be sure to stop by our shop this holiday season to try these authentic Italian candies and more imported confections. From tartufi to amaretti, you’ll find new sweet discoveries from across the Italian countryside.

## New Candy from Sweden

Sweden is known for its love of candy, with the average Swede consuming over 35 pounds per year. This holiday season, we're excited to offer some beloved Swedish treats. Satisfy your sweet tooth with flavors like salty black licorice, lingonberry, elderflower, and more.

Our newest Swedish import is the Marabou Japp chocolates. This milk chocolate bar is filled with a sweet raspberry and orange jelly for a unique fruity-chocolate combination. The Japp bar has been popular in Sweden since 1953 and is now available for the first time in our stores. Marabou uses only Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa for a sustainable and ethically sourced treat.

We also now carry Happy Joes soft salt licorice candies. These little coins deliver a smooth black licorice flavor with a hint of salt for the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Licorice is a hugely popular candy ingredient across Scandinavian countries. Happy Joes are made in Sweden with all natural colors and flavors.

Finally, sample the iconic Swedish Fish gummies, now available in new tropical flavors. These chewy fish shaped gummies have a sweet hint of lingonberry, a staple berry in Swedish cuisine. Kids and adults alike will love the fruity taste.

Be sure to stop in and transport your tastebuds to Sweden this holiday season with our newest imported candy selection. From licorice to jelly-filled chocolate, we've got authentic Swedish flavors the whole family will love.

## New Candy from the UK

The United Kingdom is known for its unique candy creations that have become beloved treats across the world. Some of our new imported offerings capture the classic flavors of British sweets.

A standout is the Rhubarb & Custard Hard Boiled Candy. This old-fashioned flavor combination has been a favorite in the UK for over 100 years. The tart rhubarb and sweet vanilla custard strike a perfect balance. The hard boiled candy format allows you to savor the taste.

We also have imported Strawberry Cream flavored candy sticks. These have a light strawberry jam flavor coated in smooth creamy milk chocolate. Strawberries and cream are an iconic British dessert, and this candy evokes that sweet treat.

For those with a taste for the eccentric, we offer Candy Kittens Sour Watermelons gummy candy. Candy Kittens are a trendy UK candy brand known for their gourmet fruit flavors and fun packaging. These gummies are sugar-dusted and capture the mouth-puckering taste of sour watermelon candy.

Be sure to explore our full collection of imported candy from the United Kingdom and discover new fruity, creamy, and sugary flavors inspired by Britain. These sweets offer a delicious taste of British confectionery.
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