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WarHeads Sour Soda Singles

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War Heads Sour Soda Singles

NEW Warheads Sour Soda Pop - Now available 12 oz. cans of each fruity sour flavor: Lemon, Blue Raspberry, Black Cherry, Green Apple and Watermelon! The most popular brand of sour candy comes a fantastic, fruity flavored soda pop with a mind blowing sour kick! This sour sensation will make you pucker, but the refreshing fruit flavor will have your taste buds screaming for more!

Warheads Sour Sodas delicious fruit flavor & signature sourness are sure to satisfy your soda cravings. Each sip is bursting with sweet & sour flavor for a mouthwatering mood boost. Treat yourself to a whole can of warheads or share a little sweetness with your friends. High-fives all round! Warheads are always sour, and don’t let them fool you. Challenge your taste buds, with your friends & family for an intensely sour drink and see if you can last until the sweetness underneath.

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