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Zotz - Hot Zotz Cinnamon Fizz

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Zotz - Hot Zotz Cinnamon Fizz

Zotz Fizz Power Candy is the original fun candy with the famously fizzy center. Zotz has been around since the 1970s and ever since has been a crowd favorite because of the tangy powder middle inside a sweet hard candy. This combination of flavors is why it's so addicting! Kids and adults alike can't get enough.

Who would have thought that a sweet and fizzy candy invented in 1968 would still be popular 50-plus years later? So many candies have gone over the decades, but Zotz remains a mainstay in any well-stocked candy shoppe. We all know the original flavors, so please allow us to introduce Hot Zotz Fiery Cinnamon Fizz. Yes, the name is as daunting as this is sweet and spicy candy is firey! Hot Zotz is not a candy for the squeamish! Released in 2022, this is the latest and, in our humble opinion, greatest of the hot candies we have seen in quite some time!

Each strip has 4 Zotz candies.

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